Why are American elections so polarizing, and how can the average voter connect a politician's words with quantitative data?

Illustrations and graphics, even on the cover, are designed with real data in mind.

Battleground is a non-partisan, data-driven publication designed to empower the average American voter to cut through slanted election commentary and get right to what the candidates and their surrogates are saying on the campaign trail. Published throughout the election season, each issue contains recent speeches and policy proposals connected with quantitative data.

This issue, published after the general election, is a recap of each campaign's most significant moments.
Each candidate or surrogates speech is presented word-for-word. Subject tags below the headline let the reader easily scan for major themes, such as immigration or LGBTQ equality.
Convention speakers are given featured positions, with dynamic, colorful layouts to accentuate the highly-partisan nature of the nominating conventions.
Convention speeches are traditionally measured by the audience's reaction, so Battleground quantified the length of applause breaks throughout each speech.
The primary wordmark is businesslike and traditional. The O and U characters are combined in a custom ligature, representing the convergence of two political ideologies, but in a orderly, dignified manner.
Created by Sam Linville.