Sam Linville


How can a citizen in an economically depressed community make a real, measurable impact in her neighborhood?

The home screen puts tasks in context of locations, so it's easy to navigate to the correct feature.

In times of economic depression, non-traditional economies often emerge to fill the gaps in monetary resources. GardenShare works to help communities distribute healthy, fresh produce to families who are unable to afford wholesome groceries for their children.

To whom much is given...

The conceptual basis for GardenShare lies in the old saying, "To whom much is given is much required." Citizens with extra resources— more food in their gardens than they can eat alone— often feel a responsibility to assist those who may lack access to the things that they need.

GardenShare allows members with extra produce from their backyard gardens to match their harvests with families in their community and pass along the food face-to-face. This in-person connection brings unity to the community and increases the sense of fulfillment in those who share their fortune with others.

The use of isometric perspective creates a sense of depth and reality within the viewport, rather than giving the user a flat interface.
Each use is matched with families that have requested specific quantities of produce.
Data visualizations let the users see how they've impacted their community, as well as how their community has been impacted by their efforts in concert.
Created by Sam Linville.