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I'm a product person. I used to be a UX designer, then I went to business school. I think that makes me a PM— which is what I'm doing these days at HashiCorp Vault. On the Vault team, I'm working to deepen the ecosystem of integrations that Vault can support, so that no matter where your app is running, Vault can keep it secure.

Whatever you call it, I really like building software that makes work easier for other people. I caught the "tools for work" bug during my first design internship in undergrad when I helped my team release an internal tool that made life so much easier for some of our colleagues.

When I started working at Red Hat, I discovered that I'm also super into creating things for engineers, system admins, and other technical folks. At Red Hat, I got to help build software that underpins so many pieces of our society, and that was such a privilege. Infrastructure is very cool.

Last updated / Mar 6 2022

When I'm not working or studying, I like to cook, read, and listen to podcasts with my fiancé. I built a 3D printer during the pandemic and I'm sure I'll enjoy using it when I've finally gotten it to work.

Technical knowledge

I used to be afraid of math, which seems silly now, and that kept me from studying engineering as an undergrad. If I could do it all over again, I’d double-major in UX and CS. Maybe one day I’ll go back to school (again) to study computer science full-time. Based on the CS courses I’ve taken at Stanford, I think that would be fun. My student loan balance says otherwise.

Instead, I’ve spent a lot of time in school, at work, and on my own, developing technical knowledge, because I think computers are ✨ the coolest.✨

Here’s are some broad concepts I’ve covered:

In my last quarter at Stanford, I'm taking an applied machine learning course that I'm really looking forward to.